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Video game maker Rockstar is announcing it's planning

Video game maker Rockstar is announcing it's planning to create down the servers which are running the Online side of Grand Theft Auto V on Wednesday, April 27 to create sure the infrastructure associated while using the title is solid enough to help it within the future.

The information comes inside the official support account within the company and explains the servers are getting taken offline starting at 1 AM Easter Daylight Time as well as the studio is estimating there will probably be five hours where the mode will probably be offline.

The announcement could be a little surprising because Rockstar remains very considering keeping the Online side of GTA V running for as long as you possibly can because it doesn't want players complaining about being unable to get access.

The studio isn't ready to provide any details about what it wants to do using the activity for that fivehour downtime, but fans are in fact speculating that big changes are getting prepared.

Some are speculating that overall performance for the Online component remains improved and you will discover plans to enhance the update process so the business can deliver new content more easily within the future.

GTA V might soon get yourself a comment about singleplayer DLC

Rockstar remains launching new events for the Online experience each week, introducing new vehicles or new modes, with one of probably the most recent of these called Inch by Inch, to help keep the community engaged within the long term.

Other members within the fan community believe the business is finally getting ready to create an official announcement regarding the singleplayer downloadable content pack that continues to be rumored because the title premiered on lastgen consoles.

A recent leak states that gamers will probably be in a situation to play as being a new character named Anthony Miller, who isn't connected for that three original protagonists, and also the lot of your time will probably be spent riding horses and playing in casinos.

An official announcement might come during E3 2016 although other sources suggest that Rockstar and Take Two are instead focusing on a new title within the Red Dead franchise.

Apparently, the name the 2 companies are going for is Legends within the West, and it also will serve as being a prequel, with gamers able to play as being a range of unique characters associated while using the setting, while using the map including New Bordeaux, which can also be featured within the coming Mafia 3.

Grand Theft Auto Online will probably be undergoing maintenance this Wednesday, April 27 at 1:00 AM EDT/5:00 AM UTC, for approximately 5 hours.


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