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It only decided to be considered a number of days

It only decided to be considered a number of days ago when I was reporting that you'll discover more MMO games than now you are able to play, and it also seems I was right, since one within the sideeffects in the MMO explosion might be the proven fact that the number of those will eventually die just because you'll discover not enough players for that kids. Of course, that is just inside the very best interest within the gamers, because this way only quality titles will live. Or not?

I am asking that question because Fury, an MMO produced by Auran, is clearly not one within the worst massively multiplayer games available available, yet its developers have just announced they'll stop providing the game. This happens due having a poor reception at launch which later expanded as being a genuine financial problem. And when there is no money, an online casino game can t survive.

The announcement is made through hawaii forums in the sport: "We reach our time frame to find a solution that will help us keep your Fury servers open. Sadly, no solution remains found and therefore we have no alternative rather than shut the servers down by 50 percent days," an Auran staff member said, adding the site will even close by 50 percent days which basically ensures that Fury will type of disappear inside the face within the Earth. It s an unfortunate day for MMO fans...

"To those players who've enjoyed Fury and played countless battles, I am sorry that folks could not choose a viable business model that will allow you to definitely definitely stay inside the hand. To those naysayers and doomsdayers, we all understand that deep down it suited you Fury to achieve success," he explained, adding the business informed all game stores to eliminate copies within the games employing their shelves and urged all players who bought Fury during yesteryear four weeks to return for that store and get their money back.


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