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I said on several occasions that Electronic Arts doesn t possess

I said on several occasions that Electronic Arts doesn t possess an excellent reputation within the gaming world. The status of big game mogul doesn t reallygo well with small independent studios or average gamers. Such may be the case that has a great deal of studiosthat are attempting to find publishers for games; a great deal of them avoid EA just because within the rumors. But after thelaunch of Warhammer Online, Mythic sfounder,Mark Jacobs, said the experience of dealing with EA wasn t that bad. He explainedthat EA understood their requirements and problems and didn t push them to build up a faulty game that might sell but within the end would totally disappoint gamers.

We re releasing an excellent game. We were in the position to delay the game a quantity of times because we'd EA behind us going okay, we understand your reasons choose it. In the end we need to make the game that we wanted. Not that game that EA wanted, not the game that Blizzard wanted, it s the game that we wanted. That s exactly what it's We got two delays out of this with EA where we said, we have to delay it again . EA didn t rush us the entranceway. They could have considered to us in June, no guys, you ve gotta ship it, patch it afterwards. They didn t. And I don t imply I threatened so that they didn t, they never asserted, Jacobs revealed.

And an excellent game they released, with Warhammer Online doing excellent after its launch on September 18. It also won the praise of lots of critics within the gaming industry while using the way its units are balanced and for the gameplay experience generally. It sure is nice to listen to that EA isn t the boogey man it absolutely was previously, which independent developers will see reason with this sort of big company.


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