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Half Life, the very first, is turning ten years old and Valve is celebrating

Half Life, the very first, is turning ten years old and Valve is celebrating by offering the game for download through Steam for the incredibly inexpensive of 0.98 dollars. Yes, you heard that right, just 98 cents for among the best shooters ever to create it computers. The offer is really live and you have to install Steam, create a merchant account and download the game until Friday, November 21, at 12 o clock Pacific Standard Time. Usually the game is sold for 9.99 dollars, but following this special offer, Valve may too pull it from Steam completely inside the stand alone form because all within the people who were even remotely interested within the game might have already downloaded it.

All the trends that currently inform you Valve shooters, from Half Life Episode 2 for that recently launched Left 4 Dead, may be in an easy method traced back for that original Half Life, which told the tale of Gordon Freeman, a scientist and hero determined to save our planet. The game still seems to impress, even ifit is very outdated within the graphics department, featuring its great puzzle fights against bosses, such as the giant tentacle creature which needs being fried and could't be harmed otherwise, and while using the good artificial intelligence of enemies. The quest within the silent Freeman remains an inspiration source for some within the best shooters available these days.

Valve has released different things as far as shooters go, Left 4 Dead. This zombie powered shooter, that's destined for co op play, tasks explore with saving our planet but with saving yourself as hordes of zombies (which the game insists on calling Infected) try and take you out. The game may be a classic and then sell on for 98 cents on Steam on its tenth anniversary.


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