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Blizzard is a really popular company because it is accountable

Blizzard is a really popular company because it is accountable for Runescape 2007 Gold some in the very played games of your energy, starting while using the Warcraft and Starcraft RTS titles and ending while using the Diablo RPG along with the hugely successful World of Warcraft MMORPG.

The company currently has four new projects underway, the sequels to Starcraft and Diablo II, another expansion for World of Warcraft, along using a new unannounced MMORPG, that's led using the former executive responsible for WoW. But recently lots of speculations appeared about a brand new and mysterious fifth title inside the company.

These were according to two recent job openings at Blizzard, which required experienced client and gameplay engineers to concentrate on graphics along with other client systems by having an unannounced title. This is extremely strange, as all of the other jobs obtain project mentioned, the unannounced MMO. These rumors were also fueled by IncGamers, which revealed statements from an inside source.

An inside source at Blizzard has confirmed the activity isn't a World of Warcraft expansion and not associated with their nextgen MMO, revealed the website. The source stated this is a genuine brand new game and so they're while using the World of Warcraft engine for testing purposes.

But prior to starting speculating which it may be, don t forget that case a rumor inside the end. Contacted for statements by Kotaku, Blizzard replied that We appreciate interest within the jobs, but past the information listed within the postings themselves, we have been in a position to t discuss unannounced projects.

What do you consider about this new project will likely be about? A remake within the scrapped StarCraft Ghost project in RS 2007 Gold addition to something while using the Lost     Vikings Intellectual Property? Leave us your opinion within the comment section below.